darielle rose

owner and founder

Darielle has had a dream her entire life to "help women feel beautiful from the inside out."  (Men too!!) 

As an established Celebrity Makeup Artist, she decided to combine her fifteen years of artistry skills

with her love and knowledge of Photography and then "The Awakened Creative" was born.

Her lifelong Spiritual journey adds to her assisting others in discovering their inner beauty, activating their self-love

and accessing pure happiness through Breathwork, Meditation, Energy Clearing and Intuitive Guidance. 

A Freelance Makeup Artist and Full-time Photographer, Darielle is currently residing and working in the

North Shore of Massachusetts while also continuing her creative opportunities in Boston, NYC and LA.

Post Covid 2020 she has become a locally known artist and leader in the Divine Feminine Movement. 

It all began when she decided to move to Los Angeles at nineteen and start her career 

in the film and television industry circa 2005.

                     A graduate of Make-up Designory in Burbank, CA she studied Beauty and Character SFX while meeting lifelong friends and teachers to guide her the whole way through, or at least into the Valley...

Shortly after her move from Boston to LA she became Makeup Department Head for her first television show on 

Adult Swim,"The Tim and Eric Show".

After two fun filled seasons she then joined Maxim and Playboy, traveling to exotic locations such as

Jamaica and The Virgin Islands for swimsuit shoots.


 Having worked on over 100 commercials, she now has made a name for herself as a

regularly-requested artist for a number of clients from coast to coast. 


Her  transition into the film and television world began at the early stages of her career.

To date she has worked on 20 feature films and over 30 television shows.  

Darielle is especially grateful to have collaborated with

the "Best of the Best" in the industry, who together with her own 20 plus years in acting and modeling   

greatly shaped her future in 'behind-the-camera' artistry.

Darielle has had the immeasurable pleasure to work with A-List Actors such as:

Kevin Bacon, James Franco, Jason Bateman, Rashida Jones, Kyra Sedgwick,

Alicia Silverstone, Zach Galifianakis, Maggie Q, Parker Posey, 

John C. Reilly, Tim Roth, Will Arnett, Micheal Cera, Sofia Vergara,

Cloris Leachman, Tim Heidecker, Stephen Fry, Rhea Perlman, Tom Green, Billy Blanks and many more... 

Ms. Rose has a keen eye and an intuitive sense for beauty, making her a 'natural' in her fields of endeavor.

Her years of opportunities to travel the world also contributed in enhancing her skills. From Greece, Italy, Iceland and so many more destinations she has studied humanity and always finds the light in others. 

She is very thankful to the many talented artists and friends who helped hone her natural abilities.

Today, Darielle is creating precious moments for families, children, pets and professionals around her home of Massachusetts and loving every minute of it...

She is offering her expertise to you so you may "see yourself through a new lens!"

Darielle is deeply appreciative for knowing, collaborating and working with the following list of

Artists, Brands and Networks...

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