Make-Up Artistry

Whether you are seeking Professional Makeup Lessons or 

 a Celebrity Artist for your Wedding, Prom or Special Event we have you covered! 

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What is Breathwork?

This specific style of deep breathing, known as

Meta Breathing or

Evolved Breathwork is taught by only a handful of Practitioners throughout the world.

Darielle Rose is one of them.

This form of "controlled chaotic" Breathing Meditation is meant to assist you in moving stagnant or stuck energy through your physical body and chakra system. 

When accessing and controlling your Prana or Life Force Energy, 

all emotional and physical traumas, whether big or small that have been held as memories in your cells are able to be shifted and healed.

Thus creating a space of mental clarity, physical calmness and a deeper connection to your Authentic Self!

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There is nothing quite like experiencing an all inclusive Photoshoot with Professional 


Multiple Locations & Wardrobe Changes that are personalized to meet your needs!

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Intuitive Guidance 

The definition of "Intuition" is 

a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Now, more than ever, it is openly welcomed and acknowledged when someone has an "intuitive sense." 

Our job is to guide you based on a strong, internal connection to the unseen realms as well as using safety, caution and awareness in the constant shifting energies around us all. 

The ultimate goal is to lead you to your own trusted guide,


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Industry Advisor

Are you looking to make your leap in the Commercial, Television or Film Industry? 

Are you lost at which direction to go in or what to do first? 

If you are a Model or Actor and feel as if you've been stuck and are seeking a re-branding or inspiration then 

we are here to guide you!

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Energy Clearing

Energy is in constant flow and ever changing. Some say therein lies negative and/or positive energy.

Others recognize that all vibrations are necessary for us to feel and grow as we are beings made of Light, having a

Human Experience. 

Either way, in order for us to fulfill our Soul's Purpose, it is very important to have awareness and "tune in" to your own energy and differentiate between your authentic Auric Field and when energy(ies) are altering your own. 

We will teach you these life changing tools, guide you and assist you in clearing and cleansing yourself, leading you to connecting to your highest and most authentic self! 

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